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Viasox is built on the mission to be the household name for people with diabetes. Yes, we make super high-quality socks, but it’s more than that. We are the “World’s First Fancy Diabetic Sock”. Living with diabetes is hard enough, that is why we aim to provide the highest quality products to help people with diabetes live comfortably.

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    How We Got Here

    Viasox began with "Uncle Bill", the uncle of our founder, Dimos. Uncle Bill has been dealing with all sorts of foot complications due to diabetes. Watching him tackle these challenges daily got Dimos thinking, "Why hasn't anyone come up with a solution for this?"

    After countless nights of research, – our star player, the Non-Binding Diabetic Sock , was born. It's not just a sock; it's a game-changer designed to make Uncle Bill's life – and the lives of countless others like him – a whole lot better.

    But our story doesn't end there. Oh no, we were just getting started. As Viasox grew, we ventured into crafting Diabetic Compression Socks to boost circulation and provide relief, and Diabetic Ankle Socks that prove you can look stylish while taking care of your feet. But our story doesn't stop here; we're in this for the long haul, and we want you right there with us.

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    Over $440,000 Donated to Charity!

    With every order from Viasox, we’ve donated $1 to diabetic charities. With over $440,000 donated so far, together we are making an impact!

    For us, it's not just about selling products; it's about creating a community, a support system for everyone dealing with diabetes. When you slip into our socks, you're joining a movement – a group of folks determined to tackle diabetes head-on without sacrificing style or comfort.

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    Why Us?

    We could go on and on about how great our products are (which they are!) and how thousands of people love them but you’re not here for that. You want to know what makes us different from all other sock brands out there.

    When you choose Viasox, this is what you’ll get:

    • Around the Clock Support- With our 24/7 customer service, we will help you every step of the way.

    • Protected & Insured Packages - you can trust that your orders are handled with utmost care.

    • North American Products - Our products are designed, handled and distributed from North America.

    • Thriving Inclusive Community - We’re committed to supporting the diabetic community with every step of the way.

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